June–September 2018



Chitown Part Two

Quick recap of our Chicago trip back in June here! And jumping back in from the start, one of the hallmarks of the city were the elevated tracks. I found them really annoying, though, as they blocked a lot of light, making the city feel dark and pigeon-laden. Still, the city shone in other ways! Some highlights from around the city included (in no particular order) . . . a visit to the Restoration Hardware Gallery, which was a bit like a hotel, without overnight guests, popsicles and GF don…


Weekending in the Windy City

As I write from the roof on a clear September day (clearly, a few days late posting!), grateful for the break at last from heavy, moist air, watching jetskiers dart over the evening waves lit with twilight below our rooftop, I'm reminded of the same clear air in Chicago when we visited in June. How's that for a random intro connection? But still, what I remember most fondly about the trip was what a relief it felt after the summer in NYC blazed upon us. 2018 has been a fun year of filling in gap…