Post-Christmas post

Christmas came and went in a flurry of tests, extensive flight delays, time with family, laughter and hugs, and it was wonderful. There are bucketloads of moments to share, so I'll resort to my usual summarizing tendencies. Let me present the best of Christmas, 2010. Except, really, the best of Christmas was that it was our first married Christmas. That exciting sense of anticipation didn't stop on December 25th. Each day forward, together, is a gift far better than I will ever deserve. So, here's the best of Christmas besides being married, 2010:

  1. We're up in Lutsen, loving the ski lodge woodsmoke scent, the trees caked in snow, time on the slopes as a family. Have I mentioned that my Scandinavian husband can ski?! Whoa, babe, can he ski. But he spent most of the time swooping around me, skiing backwards to help me. Each afternoon, we stomp back to the cabin feeling achy and cold, and warm up by the fireplaces together. Bliss. Being together in the cabin (complete with a pine-cone chandelier and plaid comforters) playing games and all talking at once is what family should feel like. I married into a really, really wonderful family.
  1. Kids under foot (last week). Their little characteristics, like my nephew using the words "whatever" and "disgusting", their silly faces and soft pink cheeks: we don't see them enough.

We brought a kiddie rugby ball and shirt from Scotland; my nephew ripped the paper, looked at it, saw the adults' smiles, and proceeded to yell "WHAT IS IT?" about five times in a row until we could answer him. And then he rocketed the ball straight at my noggin. It was a miss, thankfully.


Toy helicopters were flying, too.

  1. Being with family, which also doesn't happen enough... or long enough. Everywhere, always, we miss our families.
  1. A quiet Christmas at home. That we made it way out to Minnesota despite plane issues and the impending storm was miraculous. Christmas Eve we were welcomed by a lot of relatives, gingerbread houses, an enormous gift exchange, and snow piled more than 2 feet high everywhere. Christmas morning was just the four of us, a delicious brunch, lots of special traditions and time together. Walker and I got a ridiculously exciting new camera (AMAZING!!!) and I got the most gorgeous (two!) pairs of boots and lots of other fun gifts. Like Lego models (a tradition). I admit, Legos are addicting; Walker's mom's iPad was almost as big of a hit.

This post, my words may not be riveting or my photos breath-taking, but the past week and a half in America it has felt so, so good to be at home. We've been blessed with special gifts, but far more than that, with time with those who love us unconditionally. We are endebted, we are full to overflowing, we are resting, we are rejoicing for everything we've been given.


Onward into the new year!