December 2010 – January 2011

Post-Christmas post

Christmas came and went in a flurry of tests, extensive flight delays, time with family, laughter and hugs, and it was wonderful. There are bucketloads of moments to share, so I'll resort to my usual summarizing tendencies. Let me present the best of Christmas, 2010. Except, really, the best of Christmas was that it was our first married Christmas. That exciting sense of anticipation didn't stop on December 25th. Each day forward, together, is a gift far better than I will ever deserve. So, here…


I want to be a part of it

From Scotland to Paris to Newark, despite impending storms, we made it a few clouds early enough. Jet-lag plus endless hours transporting in and out of the city to take even more endless tests, and my outlook on New York was dire. Just when the noise and exhaust and chill had officially snuck under my skin and started irritating me, I slid my subway MetroCard through the scanner Walker had just gone through only to read "Insufficient balance". Bummer. And then there was a tap on my back, and …