please mind the gap

We stepped off the train into a quiet King's Cross station Wednesday night, and made our way on the underground to our hotel. Every underground you get off, you hear the same caution: Please mind the gap between the train and the platform. We woke up to London weather. Drizzle. Fine drizzle. Fat drops. Wet air. Hazy sky. and, then, finally the clear of the evening. Walker bought an umbrella under guise of keeping the camera dry. Umbrellas are his small luxury.

Being back here is delightful, familiar. As I think to my first London visit 6 years ago and all the fascinating cultural differences I noticed, I'm sad to be accustomed to the beautiful accents, the polite reminders on the Tubes, the Gothic buildings, the efficient subway. There is something wonderful in feeling comfortable in a place, but some of the initial charm is a bit tarnished.

Which is why showing it to friends is delightful: it's new again. And, it's just fun being with friends. Thanks for coming!


Tower Bridge and St. Paul's Cathedral.

Our highlight of the trip so far was seeing Lion King in the West End. Animal costumes dancing down the aisles to bongo music just made me smile for 3 hours straight, and after a day of rain, that was just what the doctor ordered. But let me limit myself to instants of our days we recorded on camera. (The camera was getting a bit heavy and stayed back quite a bit. It missed out on the parks, the restaurants, the Harrods scones-and-clotted-cream adventure . . . ) Here's what we've got:

We sat next to an impromptu concert at a café reported to have the best coffee in London.

Walker played along with the band with some table sugar; he sounded good.

Near the Royal Courts of Justice we found the original Twinings store. Twinings is clean and lovely and will always remind me of tea overlooking the golf course in St Andrews.


And then there were the famous spots (we saw an elaborate parade near Buckingham, too). Trafalgar Square, world capital of dive-bombing pigeons and happy fountains.


Covent Garden, always a favourite place for tea and scones, some classical live music, and a host of colourful soap and toy shops.


Tower of London, abode of the crown jewels and famous spot of Anne Boleyn's death.


I love the classical architecture in this city, the shops for the well-dressed, and the black taxis. I love the calm neighbourhoods with trees on the balconies, and ornate clocks.

The shops on Savile Row are extraordinary; bespoke tailoring, by royal appointment, this is the finest of fashion in the world. Walking these streets is calming.


Mostly, we walk and stop in cafés that have become familiar.

This place reminds me of weekend visits and dating not that long ago, and today it is nice to stay here with him. With just over 8 months of being married, I am more in love than ever. Honestly.

Cheers from London! And, a very happy mother's day a bit early to our lovely mums. We love and miss you!