And the city-hopping dwindles again

We drove through fields dripping with cold, fine rain today, and were completely thrilled. I sat looking out the car window in a haze of unbelief that I was back. Wet and wind-blown don't even matter. We're back in the 'drews, and relief is coming. For the first time in weeks, I had time to remove my nail polish, drink a big glass of water, and stop moving. I even used a sample cream mask while I dried my hair (maybe not the best idea due to hair's tendency to stick to cream). I even checked up on the Yankees

We have thousands of photos from the past couple weeks, and have been working in hotels (true) and on trains (true) and in between courses of rich food (false) to edit them up. But there are a lot, so kindly give us time. For now, here's what's been up.

Jersey and NYC for two weeks. Mission? Find an apartment. Signed a lease, our bus to the airport never showed. We barely made our plane. Slept like before exams. Accomplished.

Scotland for one day. Mission? Get rid of suitcases. Left a trail of dirt from muddy suitcase wheels and a few glasses by the sink. Accomplished.

Geneva for two days. Mission? Sleep. Skipped breakfast twice and held hands for hours. Forgot hot New York. Accomplished.

Wengen, Switzerland for four days. Mission? Be amazed. Almost had to sit down from the dizzying heights and vistas (seriously). Hiked hours in Sperries. Found the most beautiful place yet. Accomplished.

Paris for four days. Mission? Find what's so unique about this place, anyway. Ate roasted chicken and real fries at brasseries two nights in a row. Slept in a princess bed. Saw the Eiffel sparkling from a boat. Saw Monet's (real-life) water lilies and poppies. Accomplished. (and had mile-high meringue thanks to you, E!)

And here we are, back in Scotland. We have five empty suitcases to use every skill of geometry to fill. We have a graduation ceremony tomorrow. We have already eaten fish 'n chips. We are holding onto the cool breezes of hope and peace.