Month: September 2011


the carousel and the pie

We walked into the clearest, bluest sky this weekend. I wore my scarf and my boots and practically danced through a delightful early birthday present---cool wind. It felt like fall, and somehow having that door of humidity creak open onto a perfect fall day was like flying. This weekend was delicious as a crisp and sweet Macintosh apple, and we completely enjoyed every slice. Everyone has been asking what I did on my birthday (other than frown at the widening numbers), and I only mention it…


blogsilence broken

Blue sky behind light-bleached buildings is the first thing my eyes hold each morning. Blue is an extravagance after those gull-mourned misty Scottish mornings. Waking up feeling safe and calm and quiet in the sun each morning is so unexpected and delightful. I can almost hear autumn like a train in the distance and can nearly smell puffs of woodsmoke. I have waited 7 years for an East Coast autumn, and instants of its arrival are like a soothing homecoming after a summer of goodbyes. I…


one year

A year ago this past Sunday started the best of all my years. As it was this year, Walk, in every one to come, I'll love you more. (photos by Vick Photography)