Month: December 2011


the best day of the year is here!

Wowza—what is happening to the poor wee blog? Apologies for not writing much lately. I’ve been up to my knees in strips of wrapping paper and glittery ornaments. Tis the season for jollity, and baby it’s on here. Not only has our tree been cozying the house with its sharp scent (I love coming in our front door and getting that first whiff), but it’s another holiday today (as in, this weekend since I didn't post this right away). Today is my favorite day of the year. Today is the day I relish m…


Cold winter's night

I have been feeling full---our home is full of good things. We have greenery and twinkling pieces of the rainbow lighting it. We sit next to our lit tree at night and talk about our days. We hold cups of warm cider in one hand and hold hands with the other, and we feel so blessed we might burst. But the thing is that November was a hard month, and December has started the same. We saw each other far less than we’d like. My strength and my expectations did not join. The past week, I've had the …


From turkey to tree

How is it December?! Instants of joy have been piling up, and are sprinkled all over like the pine needles I find in the kitchen. As usual, we were too busy enjoying to hold up a camera in the moment and so I go back and pick each one up and write it to relive. Having family around our family’s table for the first time was special this Thanksgiving, favourite of all beloved holidays. We took turns carving the turkey and then gathered around candles with plates of jewel-toned autumn bounty. I fi…