the best day of the year is here!

Wowza—what is happening to the poor wee blog? Apologies for not writing much lately. I’ve been up to my knees in strips of wrapping paper and glittery ornaments. Tis the season for jollity, and baby it’s on here.


Not only has our tree been cozying the house with its sharp scent (I love coming in our front door and getting that first whiff), but it’s another holiday today (as in, this weekend since I didn't post this right away).


Today is my favorite day of the year. Today is the day I relish my best friend, and am filled with gratefulness that he’s here. I’m remembering today a year of letters and airport reunions and am so happy to be with him on his birthday. Last year it was banoffee and the coldest of days in dark Edinburgh. This year it is our local Italian spot for braised beef, St Andrews friends and New York jazz, and a tropical carrot cake jammed with coconut and pineapple for my fruit-loving man. I will never stop falling in love with you, handsome. Happy Birthday!


And in New York, suddenly it is icy-cold. Balmy autumn has been pushed from the streets in one rushing week, and leaves are now in tan huddles along overpasses. Sure as the smell of burnt chestnuts in vendors carts across the city, winter’s coming. Right now there are bundles of gifts. We haven’t used our heat yet---hello, apartment life! I can walk a block and buy fresh eggnog. When I need a break from subway brakes, there is my hometown which I visited yesterday for some non-NYC-taxable shopping and the bliss of lights strung on nearly every house. American festivity can be tacky, but it’s nice to be home in tackyland this year.


I’m off to steal some frosting off the cake, and you have yourself a lovely, brisk week.


Christmas is coming!