The sum of the spring

Oh, summer. I’m not quite to the point of waving my imaginary pom-poms at your arrival, celebrating the return of vitamin D and an easier pace to the work day. Summer officially arrived in the City last weekend with temperature rocketing over 90, and humidity beating out even that. In full disclosure, this also means that the city smells terrible. I skirt garbage piles and cans as soon as possible, and admittedly scowl at them often.

That said, summer also means park time.


And it means Walker and I take out our Sperrys and forage the city for the summer treat of them all: ice cream. The past few weekends delivered a big lick of summer—complete with a frozen dish of relaxation. Ginger, cinnamon, salty caramel, peach sorbet, strawberry. Half the fun is reading the flavor names. Licorice. Currant and Cream. Blackberry Honey.

This weekend, we made many morning trips to our local window-walled grocery for fresh juice and bananas, and then smoothies and omelets on the roof. I'd come home mornings with bags full of sorrel and beet greens and flowering chamomile, and then try to figure out what to do with it all!


My favorite find were crisp garlic scapes, which made the tangiest pesto I've had.


I could be blindfolded and brought the fridge, and the one thing I'd be guaranteed to find instantly are avocados. I always have them.


Walker’s favorite sandwich is the croque madame, so I'm working on my take with fresh thyme, gruyere, homemade bread, and farm ham. And then add a side of fresh yogurt and cuke salad.


Life has been so fast lately, and I've felt pressure to do everything and see everyone we've ever meant to. This weekend, we didn't check things off. We didn't plan. We've enjoyed dinner with some St Andrews' friends, and time to just sit across from each other at local Italian place in a storm, and talk. There is always so much to do here, and I'm finding sometimes I need to not do things, and sit still instead. We shopped for shades this weekend, ate more than half our meals on the roof, and it was so nice.

This week has come back strong with lots of work and little time together. To escape, I buy produce and read recipes.


Things New Yorkers are loving: Gladiator sandals (still!). Ripped off shorts (again). Neon pink lipstick. Jack Rogers sandals. Cigarettes. Poofy dogs.

Things we love about New York: Free admission to the Children’s Book Publishing Conference at Scholastic (Alie). Watching the construction elevator across the street (Walker). My window herb garden (although the cilantro has lost heart). People who smile on the sidewalk.



Here's to a quiet week with time to smell flowers bowering over the sidewalk, close your eyes, and feel the sun. To spring!