Month: November 2012


The trains in Sweden

We went to Scandinavia about half a year ago now, and here I find this dormant, half-written post. I'll take one for the team and finish it up, even though it's embarrassingly late, because this is worth seeing, over and again: We slid from Denmark to Sweden to Norway on trains--cutting through glacial hunks of icy mountain and past surging waterfalls. Here are some sights from the train (which I don't mean to be so Alie-centric, but someone else had the camera . . . even when I protested.) I l…


Zone B

(All photos taken by my amazing husband, who should totally shoot for AP.) Beginnings of this post have been washing in and out for weeks, and I am still lost. I wrote a week ago, but it was melodramatic and I didn't post. Here are fewer thoughts; there is so much more than could be said, but I'll just share our slice of Brooklyn, and our story. Two weeks and two days ago, we buckled in for a few days off work, and were thinking about what movie to rent. And then we stood by our window and seeme…