Fresh Year

Happy 2013, friends!

Around the corner of our brick residence, the wind is simply throwing itself in our faces; it makes coming home all the more comforting.

We traveled to Minnesota for Christmas, and it was 0 degrees on Christmas morning. They plant ice molds for candles in the snow there, and we drove by an entire forest lit with fat, coloured bulbs of light. We pushed cookie cutters into tender dough and dusted silver sprinkles onto warm cookies. We handed gifts into other hands, and accepted them, the most beautiful symbol. We stood near the largest deer I've ever seen, so gently watching us.

This year, I am here again. I've missed sharing beauty with you---for in sharing, there is joint gratefulness. I just saw two beautiful things. A bread truck was unloading pallets of soft, risen dough, reminders of warmth were stacked in the cold. And I saw a man nudge his girl inside of his gait on the sidewalk, protecting her.


My resolutions this year?
Journal daily, criticize less, share beauty more.

And yours?


Come back often this year, I'm planning to be here more and more!