Not Me!

Last month I was walking through a row of cut pines waiting to become Christmas trees outside the grocery store in my neighborhood, making the sidewalk about 24 inches wide. Awkwardly, there were some loud words being passed from a man with a stroller to a woman standing above him on the ramp to the grocery store. I tried to ease through the little forest without being seen, but as I approached, the man apologized for the arguing. It's not you. he said. And then to my disbelief---she said Yeah, it's not you. So there was something they could agree on---not me!

Here are some things that are me, though. Things I am crazy about right now. Instants of our life.

Walker. Every morning, every night, he is my sunshine and my moon.

Playing the memory game with my nephew, and having to make up mnemonics so I'm not beaten by a 5-year-old memory.

Making yummos with gluten-free crust from this cookbook.

Thinking about visiting this place this year (maybe!). I can't write anything else on the subject or I will be overcome with tingles. Or start Google image searching.

The hero my mother-in-law introduced me to, in whose shoes I walk every day, Paul Green.

Finally, finally snow in Brooklyn! (and something that swam into our neighborhood during the crazy Dumbo Art Festival last year, which I share no opinion on)


Ginger and honey and hot, hot water. It is cold, cold, cold here right now.


Stay warm!