Month: July 2013


Ireland's West Coast: Part 2

As with Scotland, the roads in Ireland are skinny, curvy, and spectacular. You get to see views from 360 with all the switchbacks, and although at each turn I thought we might have a head-on, we didn't even graze another car. We ended up climbing hills slowly until we turned onto a gravel road, then a grassy path, which brought us to the cottage we stayed half a week. (I'm posting photos out of chronological order because I'm waiting for the photographer's editorial whims ;). More photos of…


Driving Ireland: Part 1

It's a dull and hazy day in Brooklyn, and my writing brain seems to be solidly off. I'm much more excited about the farm-fresh caramelized peach ice cream waiting for me in the freezer, but I wanted to share another quick look at our most recent trip to Ireland. It started on a dreamy note when I woke from my surprise upgraded seat (thanks, handsome husband!) in billows of blankets and pillows. Below me? Those green squares of fields marked off with low stones and flecked with sheep. The green…


Two Years Here

Two years ago today, we placed two borrowed mattresses on the floor of our NYC apartment after moving from Scotland. I couldn't fall asleep that first night; our walls rattling from the air conditioner seemed insurmountably loud. Last week, we went back to the UK for the first time in 2 years, and night after night, our ears rang from the quiet. It was so quiet, and that was so good. We've missed it. An idyllic country wedding, the tallest sea cliffs in Europe, sunsets on the beach, and drives…