Month: September 2013


4 Things Fast

This summer was mercifully a little cooler than past summers, and we had so many beautiful moments, and not enough time to tell you about them. Here are four summer moments--instants of a full, fun few months. Fallen, damp petals at Brooklyn Botanical Garden This baby--so anticipated, so loved. Her dad came in from Afghanistan four hours before she came. Music from our roof. Summer nights thrown over the city. Happy fall, and good night!


The best.

Like three years ago, we woke again each morning to the sound of fast, tall waves. We walked, we made no plans, we breathed and watched the horizon, something we can never find in New York. There was a calm of belonging. For three years we've been together, three years since we started celebrating instants here. So much, so much has happened, and yet tonight, I don't want all the big things to out-shout the little, daily treats: a post-it in the medicine cabinet, his hands on my back welcoming…



While we're working on editing up pictures of the pink Maui sunset, I thought I'd share something fun. Discovering new foods is my version of retail therapy. Enter the Jackfruit. The morning after we landed in balmy Maui, we ambled down to the farmer's market (ok, I basically ran), and oh oh oh the produce. We left with bags bulging with candy-like mangos, a machete-hacked coconut, Surfing Goats' Farm goat cheese, a wheatgrass shot, and the soft, dino-skinned Jackfruit. It sat in the fridge a…