Month: January 2014


Trains through Norway

Maybe it is the fiercely glacial temperatures we've been having, but I keep thinking of when we took a train straight through rock mountains two years ago. We were traveling from Sweden (where we met Walker's relatives) to the west coast of Norway, eating baked potatoes and that caramel, brown cheese (gjetost) on the train, and what appears to be intensely editing photos (maybe these?) I found these photos the other day, and wondered why I never posted. Here they are in all their aqua and froze…


Brooklyn in January

January gusted in with the coldest weather we've born in the City yet, and also the excuse to stay inside, read, and eat arroz con leche. I love this time of year: dreaming about the year ahead, making soup every night, and scavenging Trip Advisor for new travel ideas. The weather has melded into a spring-like fog every other day, and Walk caught these the other night under the umbrella I tried to hold in the wind. Here's to a quiet weekend of reading and resting.…


O Christmas

(I wrote this a few weeks ago when our tree was still up and never posted, so here it is!) This winter has been a snap of cold, and then the joy of following a single flake as it falls stories past our window. It has been the freedom to huddle inside by the tree, the smell of a lit match and soft beeswax, the comfort of turning into a sturdy building from the river's wind. The mailbox holding a red envelope with a card. Winter is usually my second favorite season in New York, but it's been my fi…