Trains through Norway


Maybe it is the fiercely glacial temperatures we've been having, but I keep thinking of when we took a train straight through rock mountains two years ago.


We were traveling from Sweden (where we met Walker's relatives) to the west coast of Norway, eating baked potatoes and that caramel, brown cheese (gjetost) on the train, and what appears to be intensely editing photos (maybe these?)


I found these photos the other day, and wondered why I never posted. Here they are in all their aqua and frozen splendor.


I waited with the camera (the heavy camera) through seeming hours of blackness as the train skimmed forward, and then there was a few-second breath when snow covered rock hills and fairyish villages below burst out, and I snap-snap-snapped before abruptly the view went out again.


p.s. Did you notice the new 'travel' tab at the top of the blog? Thanks to my sweet coder (and favorite person), you can now look through old posts by place. It's brilliant.