Month: March 2014


Spring Greens

We're working on editing photos of our March trip, but in the meantime just wanted to share a few instants of our spring, which has slowly turned snow to heavy, long rains. Daffodil tails are wagging their way up in the parks, and I can't wait for the rains to calm so the colors can come out to play. The farmer's markets are slowly greening, and each week I select my five-inch square of grass to juice and pretend I have a lawn. I've generally been trying to drink more greens, so my juicer has be…

Grand Cayman_Bow

Grand Cayman

The waters of Grand Cayman were magically aqua and clear as glass. We swam with stingrays through purple columns of coral, ate conch fresh out of the water, kayaked through dark water to view it light up with our hands in bioluminescence, and spent hours listening, watching, awing at this beauty. More soon!…