A Brooklyn Secret

A crazy thing has happened in the City in the past week.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden-16

Spring! The temperature has blown up over 50 degrees, and suddenly there are thousands of daffodils flocking in every brown corner I never notice.

Little known Brooklyn Fact: The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens are free to enter between 10am-noon on Saturdays. You can stay as long as you like as long as you're in by then. We met up with our friends who live near there for a slow walk, donuts at the farmer's market, and delicious pancetta and egg pizzas on Saturday.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden-5
Brooklyn Botanical Garden-7

We especially loved the hint of magnolia breath on the air, and watching the velvet petals pushing through their furry pods.

Brooklyn Botanical Garden-17
Brooklyn Botanical Garden-20
Brooklyn Botanical Garden-24

When we were walking, an older gentleman saw Walker shooting photos and stopped him to ask him which way we were headed. We told him and he said it was too bad, because there was a great shot in the other direction. Then he told us where--and of course, it was the shot from our street of the Bridge, which gave us all a smile. Here's our building and the bridge, which is poetically clicking and clacking from a subway as I write (and sneeze!)

This year's interminable chill has made spring that much more welcomed.