Half Moon Bay, CA

We wrapped up our trip to California with a real treat: a slow day in Half Moon Bay with the cliffs and the coast.

Half Moon Bay-7

This was my favorite stop in CA: the lit afternoon cliffs thick with succulents, the bagpipes from the hotel in the background, and curling up in blankets on the hotel deck as the sun set.

Half Moon Bay-2

The hotel was situated so perfectly for taking a deep breath by the window, and exhaling into the night, so starry and full of the sound of waves.

Half Moon Bay-5
Half Moon Bay-4
Half Moon Bay-1
Half Moon Bay-3

The wind, the golf, and the cold surf all reminded me of my favorite town in the world, so present with the ocean that stress can't even be heard.

Half Moon Bay-10
Half Moon Bay-12
Half Moon Bay-11
Half Moon Bay-9
Half Moon Bay-8
Half Moon Bay-14

Pink dresses and the moon!

Half Moon Bay-17
Half Moon Bay-18
Half Moon Bay-16

The last morning there, Walk and I packed up early for a chilled morning walk, with a hint of last night's lit fire pits in the air, and sun streaming toward shore.

Half Moon Bay-19
Half Moon Bay-20

Completely enchanted.

And our last moments in California were basically perfect.

Half Moon Bay-23