Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona


Sometimes it's just been too long talking on the phone. It had been 4.5 years since I saw one of my closest college friends, so over MLK weekend I flew out into the desert to see her (and a doctor while I was at it.)

My first trip to the desert charmed me. I thought the dryness and lack of green would seem flat, but the colorscape of sages and tan mountains showing deep wrinkles were calming.

Of course, the best part was meeting my friend Naomi's three little pixie-curled cuties, and talking into the evening with her after they'd gone to bed.


I spent as much time sitting in the yard as I could. Her yard had so many fruit trees, but lemons and Meyer lemons were in season. I couldn't get enough of their color, and she gave me a huge bag to bring home. (We're still eating lemon curd in our yogurt each morning!)

And the cacti. I'd never seen a saguaro in person before. Apparently they're protected, which seems appropriate because they seem much more like an animal than a tree, with their strong arms waving as you drive by.

All of these photos were taken with my iPhone, most through the car window. Even so, the color of the sky was so powerful against the muted earth.

It was such perfect timing to visit in the dead of New York winter (the warmth reminded me of this fun trip), when I could wear shorts and get a little sunshine. Now I'm dreaming of visiting with Walker someday, and maybe making it up to the Grand Canyon.