Back to the Cayman Islands

GC 2015_Blog-7166

We are back from our second trip to Grand Cayman, and while my eyes reflect the gray of a Brooklyn in seasonal transition here, they are still resonating with the aquamarine of Seven Mile Beach behind that.

GC 2015_Blog-7218

Most of our time was spent on the beach of the Caribbean Club, where we stayed. The beach is spectacularly clean, the sand doesn't burn your toes, and the water is so magical.

My favorite moments of the trip were when Walker lifted me and spun me around in the water, making a round wave expanding around us. Schools of trumpetfish and sardines snaked past, and sometimes gulls flapped down, but mainly it was us and the utterly clear water. So clear I could see my toes even in neck-deep water.

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We'd sit out all day and slowly the clouds made dark patches over the ocean and the sun inched down and then dove behind the waves.

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The hotel is so stunning with expansive 3-bedroom condos, one of the best restaurants on the island (Luca, whose brunch buffet had sushi, chocolate mousse and about 70 other itty tastes of yum). . .

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GC 2015_Blog-6314

and iguanas in the coconut trees (and on the hotel's welcome sign)! With their striped tails, they are about 3 feet long. Miniature ones hop through the grass by the beach, too.

GC 2015_Blog-7008

Our first stop on the island was Camana Bay, a collection of contemporary shops and restaurants about a 15 minute walk from our hotel. My favorite juices and smoothies in the world are at Jessie's Juice Bar there, and I drank green smoothies with fresh coconut water and mango nearly every day.

GC 2015_Blog-7311

We also love the fresh gelato shop with the creamiest mango and guava sorbets, and the restaurants Ortanique and Michael's Genuine in Camana Bay. On Wednesday night, we stopped by the farmer's market and picked up some miniature mangos (are you sensing a theme?) and eggs so small you needed about 6 to make a normal omelette.

Our second night on the island we took a sunset cruise, which picked us up about 100 yards from our hotel. We were in luck because it was especially gusty that evening.

The water was so mesmerizingly blue it looked fake--almost like the dyed water at a mini golf course. Here's a look at Seven Mile Beach from the other direction.

GC 2015_Blog-6397

The sail pulled us across the open waters in front of Seven Mile Beach, so quiet.

GC 2015_Blog-6408
GC 2015_Blog-6431
GC 2015_Blog-6390

The man sitting near us on the boat said he has seen thousands of sunsets, and this was a rare beauty. I'll take it.

GC 2015_Blog-6458
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In the next post, I'll share some of the weird and awesome activities we did on the island, and more fave finds.

For now, looking at these photos makes me miss the rainbow of blues and greens that shifted across those Caribbean waters each day.