Grand Cayman


March 2015


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Cayman Islands, Part 2 (2015)

Aside from sitting on the beach and plowing through books and coconut water, we did some super fun and some super weird activities on Grand Cayman this year. First up, we went to Hell. There's actually a town called Hell, and it's basically just a strange post office that sells hot sauce and this little overlook over volcanic formations. The best part were the iguanas in the trees. Another new find this trip was a truly local restaurant. Situated very pleasantly right on the water, Heritage Ki…

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Back to the Cayman Islands

We are back from our second trip to Grand Cayman, and while my eyes reflect the gray of a Brooklyn in seasonal transition here, they are still resonating with the aquamarine of Seven Mile Beach behind that. Most of our time was spent on the beach of the Caribbean Club, where we stayed. The beach is spectacularly clean, the sand doesn't burn your toes, and the water is so magical. My favorite moments of the trip were when Walker lifted me and spun me around in the water, making a round wave expa…