Blizzard Jonas, Part 1

Snowstorm 2016_6358

After nearly 5 years in Brooklyn, we've seen unexpected weather about . . . once (Hurricane Sandy). Every other storm has been hyped and then (oops!) only 2 inches when they had already shut down the subway! So when they said a blizzard was on its way, we expected around 3-5 inches. But then predictions swelled and with it, our excitement. Saturday, we woke up to snow streaming by our windows in horizontal winds.

Snowstorm 2016_6366

For hours, I sat on the couch reading and it never abated. Because our apartment sits at the end of the street by the water, the winds rush straight up the street, so the snows were drifting and we couldn't quite tell how much snow we actually had.

Walker went up to the roof and snapped these during the storm; I was happy to be warm in my sweater leggings inside.

Snowstorm 2016_6287
Snowstorm 2016_6271
Snowstorm 2016_6269

This building is our twin building (same landlord) and we spy into it every day.

Snowstorm 2016_6291

I was snapping with my phone all day, but couldn't capture the breath of the snow, so strong and cold.

Snowstorm 2016_6344

The City ended up getting 26 inches of snow, only .1 inch less than the biggest storm ever recorded here. Our friends walked in the middle of streets normally jammed with cars, silent in the snow. But from Brooklyn, we couldn't even see Manhattan.

Snowstorm 2016_6327
Snowstorm 2016_6259
Snowstorm 2016_6268

We finished the day with hot chocolate and loved every minute of it. Post-storm photos coming soon. I'm telling you:!