Month: February 2016


Sedona: Bell Rock

A month later in the seesaw rain and damp of February here, I'm still dreaming of the Arizona dry air from January. Our trip started off in Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Here's my final ode to the chalky dust of the Sedona rocks. After a warm hike at Marg's Draw and an incredible lunch at the most gluten-free friendly restaurant I've ever been (Picazzo's), we headed out for one last look around. Our first stop was a quick walk up to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, snuggled up next to blaring orang…

Margs Draw_4534

Sedona: Marg's Draw

Our concierge in Sedona recommended the Marg's Draw hike, and it was definitely my favorite hike of the trip. The trail, dotted with varieties of cacti with a deep, red soil running through, was so weedless it looked like a garden for miles. The path wound up and around dry gullies and a few streams. Meanwhile, above, there were always the stark red, rusted rock formations like stalagmites escaped from a cave and glowing in the sun. Halfway through the hike, a family passed in the opposite dire…