Year: 2019


Perito Moreno

Walker and I met in Scotland, but what we didn't exactly realize for years was that this meant we both had a bit of an arctic magnetism in our blood. We thrive on trips north to cooler climes: Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Sweden and Norway. And so for years, we dreamed about the other extreme: the south. And in the best surprise ever, Walker's parents gave us the incredible gift of a trip to Patagonia in November.  After a few day layover in Buenos Aires, which was surprisingly bursting…


Buenos Dias, Buenos Aires

For me, so much of travel is lifting up the soggy log of my presuppositions to discover a whole hidden world, squirming and alive, beneath. And such was the case in Buenos Aires when we arrived, dry-eyed and hungry, in November of last year. I had thought it would be a slightly dirty city, gritty and a bit dilapidated. I actually don't know why I thought that, but there you go. Imagine my great astonishment from the plane when we flew over the city, and dotted throughout were bursts of purple…


Fall, Winter, and a New Year

I'm afraid I wrote two posts months ago and have realized now they have been holding their breath to be posted--one on fall and one on winter, and here we are in January and I declare, I will let them live with all their iPhone photo glory. The Slow Arrival of Fall Living in NYC is a mix of bracing against the cold blasts of the subway in winter and clogging my nose in the summer. But fall, I breathe in, and it's that joy that we are in right now. I wish it could stay for months, but when the…