Amoudi Bay, Santorini

On our last afternoon on the island, we took a cab five minutes down the back of the island to the port of Amoudi Bay for the famed lobster pasta. Amoudi sits at the very base of the cliff on which Oia towers, at the farthest point on the north of the island.


The water in Amoudi was reminiscent of the clarity in Chania on Crete.


For our very last meal in Greece, we sat at the Sunset Taverna one foot from the lapping Adriatic with no guard rail, and listened to the waves pat the wall and the boats enter and exit the port.


And although I didn't partake in the pasta portion of this dish, the spiny lobster was the sweetest I've had since Maine.


The small village had a touch of the quaintness we'd seen on Crete, and was largely lacking on the rest of tourist-heavy Santorini.


In fact, as we were leaving the town for our cab, a friendly restaurant proprietor was advertising his meal to us. When we told him we'd already eaten, he kept talking to us; he had studied at NYU in Athens and seemed to love that we were from NYC. He even offered for us to go up on the roof of his restaurant, which we did for this view:


All in all, the food was far fresher than we imagined for such a stellar location, and Amoudi was definitely a highlight of Eurotravaganza!