Snowy Brooklyn

Thanks for trekking through all our posts on Africa so far! We're close to sharing more (it takes a long time to get through 21,000 photos!), but in the meantime, wanted to drop in with an update from Brooklyn. It's been a while!


But our building is still looking as homey as ever.

Right now, we're having our first real snow storm of the year, and Dumbo is dusted with fairy pixels for the next couple hours until the city grays it all to the inches of mush we will be walking through tomorrow. For now, we're enjoying the enchantment.


Last year was a big travel year for us, with trips to England, Greece (Santorini and Crete), and Tanzania. We also took a trip to the Catskills, several trips to Minnesota to see Walker's family, and I took a girls trip to Portland, my first trip to the PNW. Goal for the year? Catch up on photos of all of those amazing places. This year, we're hoping to land on a new continent for us!

For now, thanks for following despite our erratic posts, stay warm and love from Brooklyn.