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  • Jones Family Farms

Jones Family Farm, Pumpkinseed Hill

Happy November! We are both fully obsessed with autumn, and this year, we cheered especially heartily for the summer to leave, as it kept prolonging humid days. Since September, we've visited Maine, France and Italy, so haven't had a chance to visit our favorite fall destination for pumpkins, my aunt and uncle's fresh-blown farm in Connecticut. We actually traveled up for a birthday, but didn't take many photos, so thought we'd share some fall glory from last year that we never got around to pos…


Jones Family Farms, Shelton, CT

Where have I been for the past few months?! I've missed sharing photos of all the beautiful things with you, but I've been storing them up inside, walking along the river in the warm summer winds almost every night. In the past few months, we celebrated 5 years in Brooklyn, my office moved up to Rockefeller Center, and (big milestone, I know): our windows had their yearly washing. As of last week, NYC summer is finally here in all its clammy glory and I'm craving time outside this wet balloon th…

Pumpkinseed Hill-9230

Pumpkinseed Hill

My nose was itching for some leaf must and my feet for their crunch, so last weekend, Walker drove me up to my second cousin's spectacularly refreshing and beautiful pumpkin farm in Connecticut. We stepped out of the car onto the gravel slope and the rich smell of autumn--earthly, dry, and cold--made the drive worth it all instantly. And then, there was this: Buzzing with rich fall colors, over 50 varieties of winter squash and pumpkins, and themed after the Wild West, there was a lot to do, an…