Month: November 2017


Saint-Tropez, France

Having never been to southern France, when I imagined visiting Saint-Tropez, I thought of bright beaches and sparkling sunglasses and navy blue bathing suits. But after a  6½ hour flight direct from NYC into Nice and a quick drive, we arrived in a town that I can only describe as quaint, quiet and pristine. The pastel buildings were painted pale colors, as perfect as a fresh box of chalk. We learned from a waiter, after pronouncing it phonetically for months, that the real pronunciation is …


Jones Family Farm, Pumpkinseed Hill

Happy November! We are both fully obsessed with autumn, and this year, we cheered especially heartily for the summer to leave, as it kept prolonging humid days. Since September, we've visited Maine, France and Italy, so haven't had a chance to visit our favorite fall destination for pumpkins, my aunt and uncle's fresh-blown farm in Connecticut. We actually traveled up for a birthday, but didn't take many photos, so thought we'd share some fall glory from last year that we never got around to pos…



Since there last, I have remembered Florence as the city that smells like leather and warm waffle cones toasting on the open streets. This time several weeks ago, the air was a bit friskier and the shops not quite so exposed, and yet, the mystery behind the cobbles and closed wooden doors on every alley drew me in yet again. Third time, and still such a charm. We arrived via train from Nice fairly late our first evening, and queued up for one of what seemed like only three taxis in town. Our dri…