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Brooklyn and Beyond, Spring edition

So. I am feeling pretty nostalgic for this pretty country  after an early morning wakeup to watch the royal wedding. Last one, we were happily cozied in our stone flat, and spent the day toasting with dear friends. What a thrill. We will never not be nostalgic for the salty, storied island where we fell in love.  It’s been a while since I’ve written about anything but travel, so thought I’d take a wee break from restaurant recommendations and itineraries. This year has held the most…


Prospect Park, Autumn 2016

To me, fall has always been the most wonderful time of the year. This started as a little tike when I learned what fall was and assumed my late September birthday, right after school started, was in the fall. Even when I realized it was on the trail of summer (boo hiss), my ardor has persisted. I love everything: the dry scent of the leaves' underbellies, the first sign of white steam off a coffee outside, the anticipation of burst of color––and the reality of a lone tree here and there boiling…

Snowstorm 2016_6366

Blizzard Jonas, Part 1

After nearly 5 years in Brooklyn, we've seen unexpected weather about . . . once (Hurricane Sandy). Every other storm has been hyped and then (oops!) only 2 inches when they had already shut down the subway! So when they said a blizzard was on its way, we expected around 3-5 inches. But then predictions swelled and with it, our excitement. Saturday, we woke up to snow streaming by our windows in horizontal winds. For hours, I sat on the couch reading and it never abated. Because our apartment…


Autumn in New York

The pinnacle weeks of fall have been brushed away by winds that make my office windows quiver and chill me at my desk, but I'm still in the glow of my favorite time in the city. I realized a week ago as I walked home, probably carrying dry cleaning, a bag of onions and milk, and my empty lunch containers, that I can't imagine living anywhere else right now. Considering that many moons over the East River ago I couldn't sleep for the noise, I couldn't breathe for the dust, and I clenched against…


Lunar Eclipse and Fall in NYC

I'm bumping into the Iceland series here to tell you about the best thing in New York: FALL! Until the beginning of October, September stuck to us with classic humidity. But the past month has been clear air, cool winds around the corners of buildings, and that lovely apple must scent at the farmer's markets. I've been roasting roots in maple syrup and olive oil, making gallons of soup, and watching the yellows pop into the leaves across the street. Here are some moments of our autumn (taken…


The Nights These Days

We're still in the same wonderful building we moved into 4 years ago. We meet old friends by the garbage shoot in the hall, and still laugh at how rarely our landlord has our windows cleaned. The lobby's electronic art screens still don't work since Hurricane Sandy. We're thankful to be in our little haven here in BK, and about once a year, we pop in to show you photos of the nabe. Since it's been a while, here goes. New York this summer has been a bit rainier than usual, and this past Tuesday…


New York These Days

This is our fourth February in New York, and I say this every year, but it feels colder than it's ever been. It felt like -16 degrees on my walk to work yesterday. Even with a down coat and too many layers to count, my legs tingled. Of course, the cold is one of the best parts of the year because it lets me stay inside and eat cake for breakfast and read all Saturday. I love this permission to do less. Right now, snow is falling, almost deciding to stick to our window, and then realizing that…


Brooklyn in January

January gusted in with the coldest weather we've born in the City yet, and also the excuse to stay inside, read, and eat arroz con leche. I love this time of year: dreaming about the year ahead, making soup every night, and scavenging Trip Advisor for new travel ideas. The weather has melded into a spring-like fog every other day, and Walk caught these the other night under the umbrella I tried to hold in the wind. Here's to a quiet weekend of reading and resting.


Look who came to town

Our building was shaking under our bed as I woke this morning, and I almost reached to my phone to see if anyone had reported an earthquake. An hour later, I was making breakfast and Walk said, "Did the building just shake?" Unsurprisingly, our film-magnet street was at it, and the 'earthquakes' were really crashes. Thank you, Spiderman. We brought lunch up to the roof and watched the same truck zoom down the street, sometimes crashing taxis, sometimes not, about 15 times. It was actually…